From idea to final result

I have a huge experience in building complex projects from scratch to high load. My role in project development usually consists of:

  • Analytics
  • Planning
  • Building architecture
  • Project management
  • I am the team member who makes the code together with developers

I worked closely with many efficient teams and have connections with lots of highly-professional IT specialists for your next project.

My experience includes more than 10 years of leading the following types of projects:

  • Online video (Live and Video-On-Demand streaming)
  • Business automation (Logistics; Sales)


Eagle Plaform

2013 - 2018
Dulton Media

As a CTO my role was to make full-featured scalable Online Video Plaform product providing:

  • Live streaming and recording
  • VOD streaming
  • Statistics

This project is now a part of Rambler Media company.

G-Core Labs

As a Tech Lead I was responsible for creating cloud Online Video Platform from scratch. The result is now highly scalable modular global product which provides lots of features from Video Streaming to Computer Vision. It becames a winner of Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards in 2021.


Here is the list of other most notable projects I was leading

Tripogram - Own project (now on hold). Collaborative travel stories editor
ADQ Cargo - Full-featured logistics automation solution
Green Line - Wholesale spare parts trading automation system


Skills & Proficiency

Web Apps Analytics

Project Management

Online Video Platforms

High Load

Ruby on Rails

Business Automation